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Frankoma Lazybones (in Prairie Green) on a Piepmatz tablecloth

This cloth is easy on the eye, and has a sewn-in tag reading, "Original PIEPMATZ Künstlerdecke, muster gesetzl. geschützt.," with an image of a bird (which is what a "Piepmatz" is).


Recent Gallery Posts

Normandie cocktail set by Old Morgantown
Iroquois Casual, Shepherd's Purse, set upon on Leacock Prints, Wheatfield
A Russel Wright design made by Leacock
A Carl Tait tablecloth, with Persian inspiration
Rosemary Zwick Clown Silk-Screen on Linen
Glass Shelf, by Marlene Linens (posed with Salem Free Form)
Tablecloth by Marion Dorn (shown with Salem Free Form by Viktor Schreckengost)
Midcentury modern tablecloth, with a 'mobile' design
A Leacock cloth, posed with RMS 183
Red Wing Prismatique: Vase and Compote

Seaside, in Summertime

Laurel Seaside shakers on a Simtex Granada cloth
Enjoying the Season

With the change of seasons, I sometimes rotate my dinnerware in and out of storage; this summer, I wanted to use Seaside.

Art Deco Linen Damask

Art Deco Linen Damask
Stylized Art Deco Linen Textiles

I found a pair of formal linen damask guest towels with a striking Art Deco design.

Kitchen Color

Mikasa Duplex set upon a Startex cloth
A bright, bold palette

One comes across many mid-century textiles featuring arrangements of kitchen utensils, but few can match the flair of this kitchen cloth, with its playful composition and bright, bold palette.


Mid Century Modern tablecloth, with a serving dish designed by Ben Seibel
A Hardy Craft Original

Between thunderstorms, I managed to snap some shots of an interesting MCM cloth, made by Hardy Craft, that recalls to mind the Spirograph drawing sets made by Kenner.

Neptune's Bounty

Tillett seafood tablecloth, posed with a Country Time pot
Tillett tablecloth, with seafood theme

This colorful cloth, depicting the bounty of the sea (fish, mussels, clams, shrimp, even octopi), would work so well in a beachside cottage.

Cocktail Hour

Normandie cocktail set by Old Morgantown

At the end of a looooooong week, you really need to have a seat outside (the weather has been so cooperative lately) with a Gin & Tonic in your hand (finished with a generous twist of citr

Shepherd's Purse

Iroquois Casual, Shepherd's Purse, set upon on Leacock Prints, Wheatfield
Amber Waves of Grain

I've heard Russel Wright enthusiasts opine that they prefer Iroquois Casual without the botanical decorations (that Wright himself designed), preserving a certain modernist purity of desig