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Vintage Kitchen

This 1936 art deco Magic Chef oven makes a fine storage place for some of my Russel Wright spun aluminum collection. This vintage kitchen display is in a room next to our working kitchen.


1958 Brick ranch MCM Decor

1958 Brick ranch MCM Decor
1958 Brick ranch MCM Decor

1958 Ranch home with mid century decor.


Organic Totem

Carved from a solid piece of wood. I have never seen one of these before.

Zanesville Stoneage Modern

Zanesville Stoneage Modern -- a portion of my collection

Thought I'd share a photo of a small portion of my Zanesville Stoneage Modern collection. I know it's relatively common, but I just love the stuff!

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Retro Modern Plant Stand

Found this great retro modern plant stand at my local thrift today! Well, at least I think it's a plant stand. It was kinda stuck between the plastic dishware, and the luggage. Yeah, I know!

Charles Harper serigraph

Love from Above

Wow. This is one I'm gonna have to do some detailed research on.


Stangl- #3915- Red Head Duck

I once saw this same Stangl Ashray at a Consignment Shop for $18, I past it up. Weeks later I found it again, the same Ashtray at a thrift shop two doors down.