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Gorbutt dinnerware

This is a photo postcard dated in pencil on the back 1951 and in the same handwriting says Gorbutt - Topeka, Ks. The front of the photo postcard shows the Gorbutt-Bowman graphic of a bow and arrow. Here it says ARO Modern. I would presume that this is the first indication that the Gorbutt-Bowman dinnerware we are finding actually has a name!


COOK BAKE 'N SERVE: Informal Box & Warranty

Iroquois Informal box
Iroquois Informal Ephemera

Cardboard boxes are not the most photogenic of objects, but when I was lucky enough to find an unused set of Blue Diamonds in an original box, I thought perhaps some MODishers might enjoy

Raymor Modern Stoneware (RMS) Ephemera

Raymor Modern Stoneware (RMS) Ephemera

I just LOVE ephemera.  I purchased this off ebay awhile back.

Red Wing Potteries

Red Wing Potteries Store - Rapid City, South Dakota

This postcard from a Red Wing Potteries Factory Store that was located in Rapid City, South Dakota caught my attention recently and I was compelled to purchase it.

Metlox Butterscotch

Metlox Butterscotch brochure
Metlox Butterscotch Brochure

Metlox. Vernonware division. Butterscotch. 1960. Note the cup.

Red Wing "Pepe" Brochure

Red Wing "Pepe" Brochure
Red Wing "Pepe" Brochure

In planning my parents' 50th anniversary party, my brother and I got hold of th

Lunt Silver, "Madrigal" Flatware Brochure

Lunt Silver, "Madrigal" Flatware Brochure
Lunt Silver, "Madrigal" Sterling Flatware Brochure

In planning my parents' 50th anniversary party, my brother and I got hold of their wedding scrapbook.

Metlox Golden Scroll Brochure

Metlox Golden Scroll Brochure

Golden Scroll is one of the later Metlox patterns that appeared on the Navajo shape (with some modifications such as coupe shaped plates).