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Marked on the back:  Albertina Hostess Ware

Single Plate for sale at a Garage Sale.  I think that the stylized fern design is wonderful!


Recent Gallery Posts

Richard Saar plate

Richard Saar plate
Richard Saar plate

While looking around a central Ohio antique mall, about a year ago, I found this lovely Richard Saar plate sitting in one of the booths and snatched it up for $9.00.

Red Wing Pompeii

Mugging For The Camera

Found this past weekend at the antique/vintage show.

Three Red Wing Pompeii coffee cups.

Sans saucers.

Charles Murphy design


Sascha Brastoff

Sascha Brastoff cigarette container

Another find at the last flea market of the season.

Sascha Brastoff Gold on Gold cigarette container

Thanks to jwr3060 for helping identify it's use by posting his Sascha B. set


Russel Wright, Bauer, Mantle Bowl
Russel Wright Bauer

Russel Wright. Bauer. Figured White inside and outside. #9A Mantlepiece Bowl. 1946.


Castleton Museum White Coffee Pot
Museum White Cofffe Pot

Castleton China. Museum White. Coffee Pot. Eva Zeisel. c. 1946 (date of introduction)

Syracuse China

Yippee Ki-Yay

Boo Hoo, the last day of Wolff's Flea Market. Means I get to sleep in next Sunday! 

Doubtful though,as I am ALWAYS an early riser.


Rosenthal, Peynet
Peynet pieces

Made this shelf to echo the hexagonal tiles that are on the wall of bathroom.  I like the slighly risque tone to this line.  Quite progressive for its time, but very mild now a days.