Ship Light Kitsch
Riihimaen Lasi 'Apollo' Candle Lamp 1969

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Torino table lamp

Just wanted to share a picture of a Torino lamp I picked up recently. It was made in 1979.

Torino is famous for their robot and molecule lamps.


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Lightshade by Rotaflex

Rotaflex Light Shade

I chose a light shade for my bedroom back in about 1961 similar to this one.

Wall light

Fifties Wall Light

I have had this fab little wall light some years now but never put it up.

Ship Light

Ship Light Kitsch
Ship Light

This is a gorgeous, kitsch, 50's table light that I got at a recent auction.

Riihimaen Lasi 'Apollo' Candle Lamp

Riihimaen Lasi 'Apollo' Candle Lamp 1969
Riihimaen Lasi 'Apollo' Candle Lamp 1969

Riihimaen Lasi 'Apollo' Candle Lamp designed by Nanny Still, 1969.

West German Pottery

German Ceiling light fitting

Measuring 30cms (12 inches), this is a superb example of West German lighting.

West German Pottery

Ruscha Floor Standing lamp

Standing at 1 metre 24 cms (48 inches approx), and that was just the ceramic part, this is the largest floor standing WGP lamp i have ever seen.

Bitossi Art Studio Lamp

Bitossi Ceramic Lamp
Ceramic Lamp by Bitossi Art Studios
ceramic lamp is by Bitossi Art Studios in Florence Italy.