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Modish is a social-networking community of good-spirited, modern design enthusiasts. Recent finds and collections are shared in a format resembling show & tell. The site is an ever-expanding resource on 20th century modern design. Posts on all forms of vintage modern design are welcome.

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MODish.net is a community of modern design, clay, & glass enthusiasts from all walks of life. Here recent 'finds' and prized possessions are shared by community members in a format that sometimes resembles 'show & tell'. There is a lot of fun and good-spirited networking going on here: the site is an invaluable, ever-expanding resource for modern collectors and researchers. The community is now overseen by a group of seven moderators--all of whom possess an abiding passion for 20th century modern design and a generosity in sharing what they know. We invite you to join us in making MODish.net an ever-expanding, invaluable resource and friendly, robust community.

A little history about the site: MODish.net is the reincarnation of the Mid-Century Modern Dinnerware CyberCollection, one of the earliest internet image collections, if not the first, having debuted around 1995-1996. Long before mega-pixel cameras, this site's crisp, clear photos were captured with a video recorder and processed into digital stills with the use of a converter known as a Snappy.The cybercollection (a term coined by Michael E. Pratt, this site's founder), also featured animated gifs of rotating dinnerware, which gave objects the appearance of three-dimensions viewed in the round. Collectors still recall the spinning Kermis cup and saucers, California Freeform coffeepot, and Hall Tri-Tonebean pot.

One of MODish.net's goals is to exhibit mid-century modern dinnerware as the sculpted and decorated pieces of design and art that the creatives intended. For the best designers of the period, aesthetics was as much a function as functionality. MODish.net celebrates every brow of production ceramic art and design. This website hopes to share an exuberant passion for mid-century modern ceramic design with the world. In recent years, Modish welcomes posts of all objects, ceramic or not, that have a 20th century modern vibe.

The website over the years has been a success, now with over 2500 members. The enjoyment derived from the project and the friends made during the process propelled the website founder to write a series of books entitled Mid-Century Modern Dinnerware (Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2002-2003). The latest two volumes comprise a pictorial survey of some vintage American lines from nearly 80 different potteries.